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An EMC NetWorker customer wants to exclude all .jpg files from backups for all Solaris hosts. Backups are initiated from both the client and server.
How should this be enforced?

A.    Client-side directive
B.    AES directive
C.    NetWorker user local directive
D.    Server-side directive

Answer: A

What option for cloud backup devices allows to limit the bandwidth that EMC NetWorker consumes for cloud operations during specified periods of time?

A.    Quality of Service
B.    Throttling
C.    Flexible Scaling
D.    Compression

Answer: B

Your management has scheduled a critical update to be applied to all of your Windows 2003 servers on a Wednesday evening. You have an EMC NetWorker backup group that performs full backups of these servers only on weekends, complemented by incrementals the rest of the week. To be safe you decide to perform a full backup of all Windows 2003 systems on a Tuesday evening. What is the easiest way to achieve this?

A.    Apply an override of the group backing up the Windows 2003 servers and set the level to full.
B.    Create a pool resource called full, set the selection criteria to level full, and apply the pool to the
Windows 2003 group.
C.    Start the NetWorker user GUI, select all the Windows 2003 clients to back up, and click Start.
D.    Create a disk backup device for Windows 2003 hosts. All new backups to the device will automatically
be full.

Answer: A

In an EMC NetWorker environment, regardless of what ports the service port range is set to, which two ports will nsrexecd always try to listen on?

A.    7937, 7938
B.    9301, 9302
C.    4711, 4712
D.    8080, 8081

Answer: A

In an EMC NetWorker environment, you are required to keep media in drives for only 10 minutes after completion of backup. What parameter must be set?

A.    Operation timeout
B.    Unload sleep
C.    Idle device timeout
D.    Withdraw timeout

Answer: C

A customer’s EMC NetWorker environment has a Solaris client that had been backing up without failing for several weeks. The client has the following local mount points:
– /
– /usr
– /home
– /var
And two nfs mount points:
– /mars/data1
– /jupiter/data1
The save set was identified as “ALL” in the client resource. The client had crashed and was successfully rebooted the previous day. The first request for a restore for this client was submitted for the last night’s backup of /mars/data1/Monthly.doc and /jupiter/data1/Weekly.xls. The jupiter restore is successful but the mars data is not found and fails to be restored.
What is the most likely cause of this restore failure?

A.    /mars/data1 was not in the /etc/vfstab file and had not been backed up.
B.    The /nsr/res/servers file on mars is empty, prohibiting the restore.
C.    The nsrexecd was not running on mars, preventing the backup.
D.    The client save set was identified as ALL. ALL does not back up nfs mounts points.

Answer: A

An EMC NetWorker customer uses a custom schedule for backups and has disabled autostart in all savegroups. Backup reports indicate that a bootstrap backup occurs after each savegroup is run. What can you do to ensure that only one bootstrap backup occurs daily?

A.    Place the NetWorker server in its own group and enable autostart.
B.    Run savegrp -O manually for each group.
C.    Disable manual saves in the server configuration.
D.    Run a savefs -O manually for each group.

Answer: A

What is a characteristic of EMC NetWorker volume cloning?

A.    The clone volume is a byte-for-byte copy of the source volume.
B.    Only save sets beginning on the volume are cloned.
C.    Only save sets beginning and ending on the volume are cloned.
D.    All save sets on the volume are cloned.

Answer: B

In an EMC NetWorker backup environment, what happens when you try to clone a volume to which backups are currently being written?

A.    Clone operation waits for the source volume to finish writing.
B.    Clone operation exits with the following error: source volume in use.
C.    Backup is suspended to the source volume for the duration of cloning.
D.    NetWorker skips the clone operation for save sets on the volume in use and continues to clone
other save sets.

Answer: A

On a given EMC NetWorker host, what does the servers file define?

A.    Server(s) that can issue command execution requests to the host
B.    User(s) allowed to log in remotely to that host
C.    Storage node(s) to which backups are sent
D.    Servers(s) that can administer the host

Answer: A


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