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Which option describes Step 2 of Cisco’s outcome-based sales approach?

A.    Get a lead, find a customer who may be interested
B.    Assemble your sales team and determine your objectives
C.    Gather what you know about the customer
D.    Meet with your customer to uncover, validate and help them prioritize their business care- abouts

Answer: C

Which two options describe the customer in an outcome-driven sales engagement? (Choose two.)

A.    Knows issue and desired outcome
B.    Aware of opportunities and problems that need to be solved
C.    Knows the value and benefits for change
D.    Is sensitive to price

Answer: BC

Which option is an operational benefit resulting from defined outcomes?

A.    Greater control over business decision making
B.    Higher IT asset utilization
C.    Improved business intelligence
D.    Faster time to market for new products

Answer: B

Which option is a technology innovation benefit resulting from defined outcomes?

A.    Lower IT support costs (TCO)
B.    Higher IT asset utilization
C.    Faster time to market for new products
D.    Faster ROI for IT

Answer: D

Which option describes the 4 Ps that help sales teams understand what the customer needs?

A.    Problem, Pattern, Path and Proof
B.    Problem, People, Path and Proof
C.    Problem, People, Path and Pattern
D.    People, Process, Path and Proof

Answer: A

Which option is the recommended approach to gain access to additional key stakeholders within the customer organization?

A.    Approach the stakeholder through their gatekeeper
B.    Approach the stakeholder direct
C.    External referral from a C level executive
D.    Internal referral from an existing contact

Answer: D

Which two options are examples of external sources of information about a customer organization? (Choose two.)

A.    An annual report and accounts on the customer’s web site
B.    An interview of the customer’s CFO published on cfo.com
C.    An internal briefing from your company’s customer account manager
D.    A Gartner Magic Quadrant for the customer’s industry
E.    A corporate organization chart provided by the customer’s HR department

Answer: BD

What is the recommended frequency for post implementation review meetings with the customers?

A.    Weekly
B.    Monthly
C.    Quarterly
D.    Bi-annually

Answer: C

Which of the following three assessment factors are used to determine the technical value of the business case? (Choose three.)

A.    Solution portability
B.    Business value
C.    Lifecycle management
D.    Maintenance policies
E.    Interoperability
F.    Accountability

Answer: ADE

Which of the following two options are key points for strengthening a business case? (Choose two.)

A.    Why Cisco solutions have been selected over alternative solutions from other vendors
B.    The solution design and implementation plan
C.    How much money is needed at what points in time?
D.    The key technical value points the solution provides and the links to the financial investment in the business case
E.    Which stakeholders have been interviewed and what are their views?

Answer: CD


1.|2017 New 820-424 Exam Dumps (PDF & VCE) 156Q&As Download:

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