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You want to support multiple tenants with duplicate IP addresses for your storage system.
Which statement is correct in this scenario?

A. You must create additional VLANs to use multiple tenants.
B. You must create an additional IPspace.
C. You cannot support multiple tenants on your storage system.
D. You must use different ports on your controller.

Answer: B

A customer is using a Cisco Nexus 5020 as a cluster network switch. What would be used as a management network switch in this scenario?

A. Cisco Nexus 5020 1GbE ports
B. Cisco Nexus 5020 Expansion Module
C. Cisco Catalyst 2960
D. Cisco Catalyst 5000

Answer: C

You are planning to install a new clustered Data ONTAP system for a customer.
Which action should be performed before configuring the cluster network switches?

A. Confirm IP address and configuration information for Brocade switches before configuring the switches.
B. Use the Cluster Network and Management Network Compatibility Matrix URL before configuring the switches.
C. Use the Inventory Collect Tool before configuring the switches.
D. Download the Fibre Channel switches software before configuring the switches.

Answer: B

A customer wants to graphically manage a new clustered Data ONTAP system.
Which tool should the customer use?

A. System Setup
B. OnCommand System Manager
C. HostAgent
D. StorageGrid

Answer: B

What is NetApp’s best practice regarding Ethernet flow control?

A. Leave flow control enabled.
B. Disable flow control on the switch ports.
C. Disable flow control on the host, switch, and all node ports.
D. Disable flow control on all 10Gbps ports.

Answer: D

The full boot cycle of the CN1610 should take approximately 50 seconds.
What should you do to minimize the interruption?

A. Remove all of the cables from the CN1610 CL1 switch, and then connect them to different ports on the CN1610 CL2 switch.
B. You can migrate the cluster LIFs from the switch that is to be rebooted, and then revert the cluster LIFs after the switch has finished rebooting.
C. You can migrate Data LIFs to different ports on different nodes.
D. On each respective switch, use the network interface migrate command to migrate the inter-switch links.

Answer: C

Your customer has four disk shelves attached to an HA pair of nodes running clustered Data ONTAP 8.3. One disk shelf has six SSDs and 18 HDDs installed. They want to know how to partition the SSDs to use them in a flash pool aggregate.
In this situation, what should you tell the customer?

A. Flash pool aggregates must have whole SSDs assigned, not partitions.
B. When the disks are assigned to a storage pool, they are automatically partitioned into four equal parts that can be assigned to an existing aggregate where the partition will be used as flash storage by the assigned aggregate.
C. All SSDs in a mixed disk system are partitioned to a 25% and a 75% partition. The larger partition can be used for data.
D. When the disks are assigned to a storage pool, you can partition each disk into as many partitions as needed. A partition can be assigned to an existing aggregate where the partition will be used as a flash storage by the assigned aggregate.

Answer: B

Click the Exhibit button. A customer has a 4-node cluster and wants to know what will happen to their data if one of the two HA pairs goes down. Epsilon is configured and working properly and is owned by Node1. Nodes 3 and 4 have failed as shown in the exhibit.
What happens to the customer’s data that is owned by the HA pair 3 and 4?

A. Nodes 1 and 2 will takeover the storage for nodes 3 and 4 and continue running normally.
B. The cluster will go into maintenance mode and only allow administrators access to data on nodes 1 and 2.
C. The entire cluster will panic and no data will be accessible.
D. The customer will lose access to the data on nodes 3 and 4 but will still have access to storage in nodes 1 and 2.

Answer: A

Advanced Drive Partitioning (ADP) is available for which three NetApp systems? (Choose three.)

A. FAS80XX with SAS and SATA disks
B. FAS25XX with SSD disks
C. FAS80XX with SATA disks
D. FAS25XX with SATA disks
E. FAS80XX with SSD disks

Answer: BDE

You are assigned to install two DS2246 shelves, three DS4243 shelves, and one DS4486 shelf. How many rack units (U space) should you account for in this rack layout?

A. 6U
B. 20U
C. 10U
D. 22U

Answer: B

You are installing two disk shelves on an existing clustered Data ONTAP system. One shelf is a DS2246 that matches the other shelves in a stack. The other shelf is also a DS2246 but it contains all solid state disks. Both disk shelves must be added to the same stack.
How would you install the disk shelves?

A. Install the solid state disks first, then the DS2246 shelf so that the solid state disks are as close to the top of the stack as possible.
B. Install the spinning disk shelf first and put the solid state disks at the end of the stack.
C. Advise the customer that solid state disks cannot exist on the same stack as spinning disks.
D. Move the disk drives around to create two shelves that are half solid state and half spinning drives.

Answer: A

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