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Why would a Business Analyst use a consensus Business Activity Model (BAM) in gap analysis?

A. To assess how tar the organisation’s current activities support the desired situation
B. To identify how the organisation should structure itself to support the desired situation
C. To determine which activities in the desired situation are not financially feasible
D. To establish which stakeholder views will not be reflected in the desired situation

Answer: C

EuroCoach is a holiday coach company that Is reviewing its internal business processes.
The following requirement for improvement has been logged as a business rule:
‘EuroCoach Is now legally responsible for ensuring that passengers taking cross-border journeys have valid passports and visas (If applicable) tor the countries to which, and through which, they will travel’
Which type of business rule is this?

A. Internal policy.
B. Internal processed
C. External requirement.
D. External constraint.

Answer: B

A division of a telecommunication company is reviewing its current product range. It has decided to reposition itself by narrowing its product scope to `deliver consultancy service’. The activity is the primary doing activity doing on a business Activity Model (BAM) defined by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). A number of other activities have been identified, five of which are listed below:
Determine which customer to target for
(a) Determine which customers to target for our focused service.
(b) Track the progress of consultancy contracts placed by customers.
(c) Define the skills sets of the consultants supplying our service.
(d) Agree on a marketing campaign to make people aware of our new product focus
(e) Run monthly open days, showcasing our consultancy expertise.
Which of these would be categorized as planning activities on the CEO’s BAM?

A. a. c and d
B. a, b and e.
C. b, c and e.
D. c. d and e

Answer: A

A group of stakeholders at FlyMe travel operators are in a meeting to discus the Business Activity Model (BAM) for a new subsidiary business.
They are planning to launch a new offering, which will offer flight bundle’ packages for organization that regularly need to send their staff overseas.
The following activities have been identified so far:
(a) Monitor flight bundle’ sates
(b) Sell “night bundles*
(c) Determine demand amongst existing customers
(d) Identify potential airline earners
(e) Determine ‘flight bundle’ locations,
(f) Define bundle pricing.
Although the Operations Director for FlyMe is supportive of the new business proposition, she is not entirely convinced there is a gap in the market, nor is she confident that the idea will be profitable.
With these concerns in mind, which planning activities will she be keen to ensure are discussed before the meeting ends?

A. c and f
B. a. c and f
C. a, b. d and e.
D. b, d and e

Answer: D

A company produces kitchens to order. Customers specify the design of the kitchen by using a computer-aided design tool, provided on the company’s website.
The tool allows customers to select products, such as cabinets and cookers, and place them into a floor plan of the kitchen that they have specified.
Once the customer confirms the design, an order is placed and the customer is given a planned installation date for the kitchen.
The company orders the raw materials for the kitchen and the kitchen is built by its skilled carpenters.
The customer can track the progress of the build on the Internet.
If the kitchen Is likely to be delivered later than originally promised, a control action is taken to bring it back on schedule.
A Business Activity Model (BAM) developed for the company has ‘sell bespoke kitchens’ as its doing activity.
Which of the following activities would be directly linked by a logical dependency arrow to or from this doing activity?

A. Track build
B. Define carpentry skills
C. Determine range of products.
D. Take control action

Answer: B

A company has decided to change one of its financial Key Performance indicators (KPIs).
It has traditionally measured profit through its gross profit margin, however, it now wishes to measure It through it Return on Capital Employed (ROCE).
The following activities are on the consensus Business Activity Model (BAM):
(a) Take control action
(b) Monitor performance targets
(c) Define performance targets.
(d) Define target customers
Which of these would the event ‘amend KPI’ affect?

A. c only.
B. a only.
C. b, c and d.
D. a. b and d.

Answer: C

An airline has agreed that the following Key performance indicator (KPI) will help measure one of the airline’s Critical Success Factors (CSFs) Customer service.
The KPI is the percentage of customers rating our service as excellent in an independently administrator customer survey.
In the current year, the performance objective associated with KPI is 70%.
The airline, therefore, aims for at least 70% of customers rating its service as excellent.
Which of the following activities in a Business Activity Model would establish whether the KPI and its associated performance objective is being achieved?

A. Monitor customer satisfaction.
B. Define customer satisfaction.
C. Agree performance objective.
D. Deliver customer service.

Answer: D

The following statements have been made about the consensus Business Activity Model
(a) Describes how a business process should operate.
(b) Describes what a business system should be able to do.
(c) A conceptual model.
(d) Usually produced before requirements are defined.
(e) Includes all stakeholders’ perspectives
Which of the statements are TRUE?

A. a, b and c.
B. b, c and e.
C. b, c and d
D. a., d and e.

Answer: A

Ajay works I the payroll department of his organization. Payslips for every employee are printed automatically at the each month.
He is about to distribute the monthly for each employee when he receives a notification from senior management explaining that the wish to give everyone a 10% bonus, for exceptional performance in the least quarter.
Ajay is pleased with the bonus, but annoyed that the needs to re-print the monthly payslips.
Which types of business events can be identified from this scenario?

A. Internal and Time based.
B. External and Internal
C. External and Time based.
D. Time based only

Answer: A

Bessant Co.manufactures and sells clothing.
The company is every profitable and the IT director would like to invest some of these profits into improving the technical infrastructure of the company, which would help the organic growth of the company.
However, the finance director would like to use the profits to acquire one of its competitors.
Shelly is the business analyst on this project and she recognises that the IT and finance director do not agree on the future direction of the business.
Once prefers organic growth and the other, growth by acquisition.
What technique COULD Shelly use to improve her understating ot these two different perspectives?

B. The power/ interest grid
C. SWOT analysis
D. POPIT model.

Answer: D

A Business Analyst is reviewing the stakeholder management strategy for a high profile I Human Resources (HR) protect.
Following an organizational restructure, Harvey’s role has changed from Director of Operations to Director of HR and he has Inherited sponsorship of the project.
Harvey was previously involved in the project, but had little interest because his focus was on the Operational Projects that he sponsored.
Which of the following sets of stakeholder management strategies represent appropriate approaches for Harvey; firstly for when the project started and secondly now that his role has changed?

A. Keep watch; Constant active management
B. Ignore; Constant active management
C. Keep on side; Constant active management
D. Ignore; Keep informed.

Answer: B

It services has commissioned a new desktop PC replacement project that has been funded and running for three months, with a fully-engaged sponsor and programme manager appointed.
The head of IT service has not involve beyond the initial project start-up interviews and has not been invited to any of the project meetings.
position on the power/interest grid does the head of IT services currently occupy?

A. High power or influence but low interest
B. Some power and influence and some interest
C. High power or influence and high interest
D. Low power and influence but high interest.

Answer: B

Imran is the chief executive of FairCrops, a producer of ethically and sustainably sourced coffee and cocoa products.
He is a true advocate of the FairCrops brand and has seen the positive impact of its approach in the South American regions in which It operates.
He believed that there is a market for customers who want to ensure the products they consume have been purchased for a fair price and where the producer has not been unfairly treated.
FairCrops provide their products via an exclusive contract with Donald, the owner of Rest House; a small chain of coffee shops.
Ronaldo is a supplier to FairCrops. The prices he receives means he can provide for Ins family and enhance his crop yield through the advice and training provided by Alan, the FairCrops local representative and support officer
From Imran’s perspective, which of the following is a CORRECT partial CATWOE analysis of this situation?

A. Customer = Donald, Actor = Alan. Owner = Imran
B. Customer – Alan, Actor = Donald. Actor = Ronaldo
C. Owner = Ronaldo. Actor = Donald. Customer = Imran
D. Customer = Alan. Actor = Ronaldo. Owner = Imran.

Answer: C

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