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A user reports difficulties accessing certain external web pages, When examining traffic to and from the external domain in full packet captures, you notice many SYNs that have the same sequence number, source, and destination IP address, but have different payloads. Which problem is a possible explanation of this situation?

A. insufficient network resources
B. failure of full packet capture solution
C. misconfiguration of web filter
D. TCP injection

Answer: D

Which tool is commonly used by threat actors on a webpage to take advantage of the softwarevulnerabilitiesof a system to spread malware?

A. exploit kit
B. root kit
C. vulnerability kit
D. script kiddie kit

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. During an analysis this list of email attachments is found. Which files contain the same content?

A. 1 and 4
B. 3 and 4
C. 1 and 3
D. 1 and 2

Answer: C

Which term represents the practice of giving employees only those permissions necessary to perform their specific role within an organization?

A. integrity validation
B. due diligence
C. need to know
D. least privilege

Answer: D

Which term represents the chronological record of how evidence was collected- analyzed, preserved, and transferred?

A. chain of evidence
B. evidence chronology
C. chain of custody
D. record of safekeeping

Answer: C

Which two tasks can be performed by analyzing the logs of a traditional stateful firewall? (Choose two.)

A. Confirm the timing of network connections differentiated by the TCP 5-tuple
B. Audit the applications used within a social networking web site.
C. Determine the user IDs involved in an instant messaging exchange.
D. Map internal private IP addresses to dynamically translated external public IP addresses
E. Identify the malware variant carried by ^n SMTP connection

Answer: AD

Which security monitoring data type is associated with application server logs?

A. alert data
B. statistical data
C. session data
D. transaction data

Answer: D

Where is a host-based intrusion detection system located?

A. on a particular end-point as an agent or a desktop application
B. on a dedicated proxy server monitoring egress traffic
C. on a span switch port
D. on a tap switch port

Answer: A

One of the objectives of information security is to protect the CIA of information and systems. What does CIA mean in this context?

A. Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability
B. Confidentiality, Identity, and Availability
C. Confidentiality, Integrity, and Authorization
D. Confidentiality, Identity, and Authorization

Answer: A

According to RFC 1035 which transport protocol is recommended for use with DNS queries?

A. Transmission Control Protocol
B. Reliable Data Protocol
C. Hypertext Transfer Protocol
D. User Datagram Protocol

Answer: D

Which definition describes the main purpose of a Security Information and Event Management solution ?

A. a database that collects and categorizes indicators of compromise to evaluate and search for potential security threats
B. a monitoring interface that manages firewall access control lists for duplicate firewall filtering
C. a relay server or device that collects then forwards event logs to another log collection device
D. a security product that collects, normalizes, and correlates event log data to provide holistic views of the security posture

Answer: D

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