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2018 January New Citrix 1Y0-202 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE Free Updated Today! Following are some new 1Y0-202 Exam Questions:

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Which three functions are handled by StoreFront? (Choose three.)

A. Validate the status of the Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA)
B. Verify Citrix license
C. Enumerate resources
D. Store subscriptions
E. Deploy Citrix Receiver

Answer: CDE
Explanation: 1

Which two Native Receivers have support for detection and installation through Citrix Receiver for Web? (Choose two.)

A. Citrix Receiver for Windows
B. Citrix Receiver for Android
C. Citrix Receiver for Mac
D. Citrix Receiver for iOS
E. Citrix Receiver for Linux

Answer: AC
Explanation: 2

Which three URLs are included in the provisioning file that configures Citrix Receiver through StoreFront activation? (Choose three.)

A. NetScaler Gateway
B. Beacon
C. Callback
D. Secure Ticket Authority (STA)
E. Store

Answer: ACD

What needs to be created and pointed to StoreFront to configure email-based discovery for Citrix Receiver?

A. A New Alias (CNAME)
B. A Service (SRV) record
C. A Renamed Mailbox (MR) record
D. A Mail Exchanger (MX) record

Answer: B
Explanation: 3

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator wants to review and manage licenses from the administrator's workstation. The corporate firewall is currently blocking access from the workstation to the Citrix License Server.
Which two TCP ports does the administrator need to configure on the firewall? (Choose two.)

A. 8083
B. 2598
C. 8082
D. 27000

Answer: AC
Explanation: 4

Which account is used during runtime to authenticate against the SQL Server database supporting the XenApp/XenDesktop environment?

A. SQL Server SA Account
B. Delivery Controller Computer Active Directory Account
C. Local SQL Server Account
D. Citrix Site Administrator Account

Answer: A

Which three components comprise the Citrix License Server? (Choose three.)

A. Apache Web Server
B. Startup license
C. Options file
D. SOAP service
E. Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) Server
F. vendor Daemon

Answer: BCF
Explanation: 5

What is supported by Connection Leasing?

A. Published applications
B. Load management policy settings
C. Studio access
D. VDI hosted (random/non-persistent) desktops

Answer: A
Explanation: 6

For which two reasons will a Citrix Administrator implement XML traffic security? (Choose two.)

A. To prevent eavesdropping and misuse of session tickets
B. To limit access to the XML service to only trusted StoreFront servers
C. To disable the unencrypted transference of user credentials between StoreFront and XML service
D. To protect the XML service against DDOS attacks from malicious users
E. To protect the user's private keys within the subscription database on StoreFront

Answer: BD

A Citrix Administrator plans to upgrade a XenApp 6.5 environment to a XenDesktop 7.6 LTSR environment.
Which three steps must be completed so that the users can work in the new version? (Choose three.)

A. Import the license file on the new License Server.
B. Allocate and download the new license from
C. Upgrade the existing License Server to the latest version.
D. Release existing licenses using udadmin.
E. Restart the License Server using Imdiag.

Answer: BCD

Which three components form part of a XenApp/XenDesktop Site? (Choose three.)

A. Provisioning Services Device Collections
B. StoreFront Server Groups
C. Site Database
D. Delivery Controllers
E. Machine Catalogs

Answer: ACD
Explanation: 7

A Citrix Administrator can use HDX Monitor to create performance graphs for____________ (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A. Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) disk space
B. All current sessions
C. Personal vDisk
D. Active channels in the session

Answer: B
Explanation: 8

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to implement file-type association (FTA) for an existing web application. The administrator needs to ensure that all internal users are able to access the application once this change is made.
Which version of Citrix Receiver can the administrator deploy in the environment to accomplish this task?

A. Receiver fir HTML5
B. Receiver for Web
C. Receiver for Windows
D. Receiver for Java

Answer: C
Explanation: 9

How can a Citrix Administrator hide the Citrix Receiver interface and deliver applications using the Start menu integration and desktop shortcuts?

A. By modifying the WEB.CONFIG file on StoreFront server.
B. By installing Citrix Receiver with the "/allowstore=n" parameter set.
C. Using the GPO modify registry setting "SelfServiceMode" and set the value to false.
D. By adding "KEYWORDS: Mandatory" to the application description.

Answer: A
Explanation: 10

Which two settings can a Citrix Administrator configure to manage application shortcut integration on the endpoint using Active Directory Group Policy Object (GPO) and a Citrix Receiver policy template? (Choose two.)

A. User Profile directory
B. HomeDrive directory
C. Local Hard Drive directory
D. StartMenu directory
E. Desktop directory

Answer: DE

Which two types of profiles can a Citrix Administrator reset using Citrix Director? (Choose two.)

A. Temporary Profiles
B. Local Profiles
C. Citrix User Profiles
D. Mandatory User profiles
E. Microsoft Roaming Profiles

Answer: CE
Explanation: 11

Which view in Citrix Director provides an overview of performance and failures for the last hour?

A. Dashboard
B. Trends
C. Alerts
D. Filters

Answer: B
Explanation: 12

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