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What occurs to frames during the process of frame flooding?

A. Frames are sent to all ports, including those that are assigned to other VLANs.
B. Frames are sent to every port on the switch that has a matching entry in MAC address table.
C. Frames are sent to every port on the switch in the same VLAN except from the originating port.
D. Frames are sent to every port on the switch in the same VLAN.

Answer: C

Which action must be taken to assign a global unicast IPv6 address on an interface that is derived from the MAC address of that interface?

A. explicitly assign a link-local address
B. disable the EUI-64 bit process
C. enable SLAAC on an interface
D. configure a stateful DHCPv6 server on the network

Answer: C

Several new coverage cells are required to improve the Wi-Fi network of an organization. Which two standard designs are recommended? (Choose two.)

A. 5GHz provides increased network capacity with up to 23 nonoverlapping channels.
B. 5GHz channel selection requires an autonomous access point.
C. Cells that overlap one another are configured to use nonoverlapping channels.
D. Adjacent cells with overlapping channels use a repeater access point.
E. For maximum throughput, the WLC is configured to dynamically set adjacent access points to the channel.

Answer: CE

How do TCP and UDP differ in the way they provide reliability for delivery of packets?

A. TCP does not guarantee delivery or error checking to ensure that there is no corruption of data, UDP provides message acknowledgement and retransmits data if lost.
B. TCP provides flow control to avoid overwhelming a receiver by sending too many packets at once, UDP sends packets to the receiver in a continuous stream without checking.
C. TCP is a connectionless protocol that does not provide reliable delivery of data; UDP is a connection- oriented protocol that uses sequencing to provide reliable delivery.
D. TCP uses windowing to deliver packets reliably; UDP provides reliable message transfer between hosts by establishing a three-way handshake.

Answer: B

What are two differences between optical-fiber cabling and copper cabling? (Choose two.)

A. A BNC connector is used for fiber connections
B. The glass core component is encased in a cladding
C. The data can pass through the cladding
D. Light is transmitted through the core of the fiber
E. Fiber connects to physical interfaces using RJ-45 connections

Answer: BD

How does CAPWAP communicate between an access point in local mode and a WLC?

A. The access point must not be connected to the wired network, as it would create a loop
B. The access point must be connected to the same switch as the WLC
C. The access point must directly connect to the WLC using a copper cable
D. The access point has the ability to link to any switch in the network, assuming connectivity to the WLC

Answer: D

What are two descriptions of three-tier network topologies? (Choose two.)

A. The distribution layer runs Layer 2 and Layer 3 technologies
B. The network core is designed to maintain continuous connectivity when devices fail
C. The access layer manages routing between devices in different domains
D. The core layer maintains wired connections for each host
E. The core and distribution layers perform the same functions

Answer: AB

Which type of ipv6 address is publicly routable in the same way as ipv4 public addresses?

A. multicast
B. unique local
C. link-local
D. global unicast

Answer: D

A corporate office uses four floors in a building.
– Floor 1 has 24 users.
– Floor 2 has 29 users.
– Floor 3 has 28 users.
– Floor 4 has 22 users.
Which subnet summarizes and gives the most efficient distribution of IP addresses for the router configuration?

A. as summary and for each floor
B. as summary and for each floor
C. as summary and for each floor
D. as summary and for each floor

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer must add a subnet for a new office that will add 20 users to the network. Which IPv4 network and subnet mask combination does the engineer assign to minimize wasting addresses?


Answer: D

What is a characteristic of spine-and-leaf architecture?

A. Each link between leaf switches allows for higher bandwidth.
B. It provides greater predictability on STP blocked ports.
C. It provides variable latency.
D. Each device is separated by the same number of hops.

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. The network administrator wants VLAN 67 traffic to be untagged between Switch 1 and Switch 2, while all other VLANs are to remain tagged. Which command accomplishes this task?

A. switchport access vlan 67
B. switchport trunk allowed vlan 67
C. switchport private-vlan association host 67
D. switchport trunk native vlan 67

Answer: D

Which two command sequences must be configured on a switch to establish a Layer 3 EtherChannel with an open-standard protocol? (Choose two.)

A. interface GigabitEthernet0/0/1
channel-group 10 mode auto
B. interface GigabitEthernet0/0/1
channel-group 10 mode on
C. interface port-channel 10
no switchport
ip address
D. interface GigabitEthernet0/0/1
channel-group 10 mode active
E. interface port-channel 10
switchport mode trunk

Answer: DE

Refer to the exhibit. Which two commands were used to create port channel 10? (Choose two.)

A. int range g0/0-1
channel-group 10 mode active
B. int range g0/0-1
channel-group 10 mode desirable
C. int range g0/0-1
channel-group 10 mode passive
D. int range g0/0-1
channel-group 10 mode auto
E. int range g0/0-1
channel-group 10 mode on

Answer: AC

Refer to the exhibit. An administrator is tasked with configuring a voice VLAN. What is the expected outcome when a Cisco phone is connected to the GigabitEthernet 3/1/4 port on a switch?

A. The phone and a workstation that is connected to the phone do not have VLAN connectivity.
B. The phone sends and receives data in VLAN 50, but a workstation connected to the phone sends and receives data in VLAN 1.
C. The phone sends and receives data in VLAN 50, but a workstation connected to the phone has no VLAN connected.
D. The phone and a workstation that is connected to the phone send and receive data in VLAN 50.

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. Which action is expected from SW1 when the untagged frame is received on the GigabitEthernet0/1 interface?

A. The frame is processed in VLAN 1
B. The frame is processed in VLAN 11
C. The frame is processed in VLAN 5
D. The frame is dropped

Answer: C

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