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You are examining the Text Analytics output of an application. The text analyzed is: “Our tour guide took us up the Space Needle during our trip to Seattle last week.”
The response contains the data shown in the following table.

Which Text Analytics API is used to analyze the text?

A. Sentiment Analysis
B. Named Entity Recognition
C. Entity Linking
D. Key Phrase Extraction

Answer: B
Named Entity Recognition (NER) is one of the features offered by Azure Cognitive Service for Language, a collection of machine learning and AI algorithms in the cloud for developing intelligent applications that involve written language. The NER feature can identify and categorize entities in unstructured text. For example: people, places, organizations, and quantities.

Note: This question is part of a series of questions that present the same scenario. Each question in the series contains a unique solution that might meet the stated goals. Some question sets might have more than one correct solution, while others might not have a correct solution.
After you answer a question in this section, you will NOT be able to return to it. As a result, these questions will not appear in the review screen.
You create a web app named app1 that runs on an Azure virtual machine named vm1. Vm1 is on an Azure virtual network named vnet1.
You plan to create a new Azure Cognitive Search service named service1.
You need to ensure that app1 can connect directly to service1 without routing traffic over the public internet.
Solution: You deploy service1 and a private endpoint to vnet1.
Does this meet the goal?

A. Yes
B. No

Answer: A
A private endpoint is a network interface that uses a private IP address from your virtual network. This network interface connects you privately and securely to a service powered by Azure Private Link. By enabling a private endpoint, you’re bringing the service into your virtual network.
The service could be an Azure service such as:
Azure Storage
Azure Cosmos DB
Azure SQL Database
Your own service using a Private Link Service.

You have a Language Understanding resource named lu1.
You build and deploy an Azure bot named bot1 that uses lu1.
You need to ensure that bot1 adheres to the Microsoft responsible AI principle of inclusiveness.
How should you extend bot1?

A. Implement authentication for bot1.
B. Enable active learning for Iu1.
C. Host Iu1 in a container.
D. Add Direct Line Speech to bot1.

Answer: D
Inclusiveness: AI systems should empower everyone and engage people.
Direct Line Speech is a robust, end-to-end solution for creating a flexible, extensible voice assistant. It is powered by the Bot Framework and its Direct Line Speech channel, that is optimized for voice-in, voice-out interaction with bots.

Your company uses an Azure Cognitive Services solution to detect faces in uploaded images. The method to detect the faces uses the following code.

You discover that the solution frequently fails to detect faces in blurred images and in images that contain sideways faces.
You need to increase the likelihood that the solution can detect faces in blurred images and images that contain sideways faces.
What should you do?

A. Use a different version of the Face API.
B. Use the Computer Vision service instead of the Face service.
C. Use the Identify method instead of the Detect method.
D. Change the detection model.

Answer: D
Evaluate different models.
The best way to compare the performances of the detection models is to use them on a sample dataset. We recommend calling the Face – Detect API on a variety of images, especially images of many faces or of faces that are difficult to see, using each detection model. Pay attention to the number of faces that each model returns.
The different face detection models are optimized for different tasks. See the following table for an overview of the differences.


You have the following C# method.

You need to deploy an Azure resource to the East US Azure region. The resource will be used to perform sentiment analysis.
How should you call the method?

A. create_resource(“res1”, “ContentModerator”, “S0”, “eastus”)
B. create_resource(“res1”, “TextAnalytics”, “S0”, “eastus”)
C. create_resource(“res1”, “ContentModerator”, “Standard”, “East US”)
D. create_resource(“res1”, “TextAnalytics”, “Standard”, “East US”)

Answer: B
To perform sentiment analysis, we specify TextAnalytics, not ContentModerator.
Possible SKU names include: ‘F0′,’F1′,’S0′,’S1′,’S2′,’S3′,’S4′,’S5′,’S6′,’S7′,’S8’
Possible location names include: westus, eastus

You build a Language Understanding model by using the Language Understanding portal.
You export the model as a JSON file as shown in the following sample.

To what does the Weather.Historic entity correspond in the utterance?

A. by month
B. chicago
C. rain
D. location

Answer: A

Hotspot Question
You are developing an application that includes language translation.
The application will translate text retrieved by using a function named getTextToBeTranslated.
The text can be in one of many languages. The content of the text must remain within the Americas Azure geography.
You need to develop code to translate the text to a single language.
How should you complete the code? To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area.
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.



Hotspot Question
You create a knowledge store for Azure Cognitive Search by using the following JSON.

Use the drop-down menus to select the answer choice that completes each statement based on the information presented in the graphic.
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.


Which statement is an example of Data Manipulation Language (DML)?

A. Revoke

Answer: B

Your company needs to implement a relational database in Azure. The solution must minimize ongoing maintenance.
Which Azure service should you use?

A. SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines
B. Azure SOL Database
C. Azure HDInsight
D. Azure Cosmos DB

Answer: B

You have a SQL query that combines customer data and order data. The query includes calculated columns. You need to create a database object that would allow other users to rerun the same SOL query. What should you create?

A. an Index
B. a view
C. a scalar function
D. a table

Answer: B

What are two benefits of platform as a service (PaaS) relational database offerings in Azure, such as Azure SQL Database? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. NOTE: Each correct selection Is worth one point.

A. reduced administrative effort for managing the server infrastructure
B. complete control over backup and restore processes
C. in-database machine learning services S3
D. access to the latest features

Answer: AD

You have data saved in the following format.

Which format was used?


Answer: A

What is a primary characteristic of a relational database?

A. data is queried and manipulated by using a variant of the SOL language
B. a lack of dependencies between tables
C. a flexible data structure
D. a large amount of duplicate data

Answer: C

What ate two uses of data visualization? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. NOTE:
Each correct selection is worth one point.

A. Communicate the significance of data.
B. Represent trends and patterns over time.
C. Implement machine learning to predict future values.
D. Enforce business logic across reports.

Answer: AB

What should you use to build a Microsoft Power Bi paginated report?

A. Power BI Report Builder
B. Charciculator
C. Power BI Desktop
D. the Power BI service

Answer: A

Which scenario is an example of a streaming workload?

A. sending transactions daily from point of sale (POS) devices
B. sending cloud infrastructure metadata every 30 minutes
C. sending transactions that are older than a month to an archive
D. sending telemetry data from edge devices

Answer: D

What is the primary purpose of a data warehouse?

A. to provide storage for transactional line-of-business (LOB) applications
B. to provide transformation services between source and target data stores
C. to provide read only storage of relational and non relational historical data
D. to provide answers to complex queries that rely on data from multiple sources

Answer: C

You need to develop a solution to provide data to executives. The solution must provide an interactive graphical interface, depict various key performance indicators, and support data exploration by using drill down. What should you use in Microsoft Power Bl?

A. a report
B. Microsoft Power Apps
C. a view
D. a dataflow

Answer: C

Your company has a repotting solution that has paginated reports. The reports query a dimensional model in a data warehouse.
Which type of processing does the reporting solution use?

A. Online Transaction Processing (OLTP)
B. Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)
C. batch processing
D. stream processing

Answer: B

You need to create a visualization of running sales totals per quarter as shown in the following exhibit.

What should you create in Cower Bl Desktop;1

A. a waterfall chart
B. a ribbon chart
C. a bar chart
D. a decomposition tree

Answer: C

Which Azure Storage service implements the key/value model?

A. Azure Files
B. Azure Blob
C. Azure Table
D. Azure Queue

Answer: C

What is used to define a query in a stream processing jobs in Azure Stream Analytics?


Answer: A

Which property of a transactional workload guarantees that each transaction is treated as a single unit that either succeeds completely or tails completely?

A. isolation
B. atomicity
C. consistency
D. durability

Answer: B

Which database transaction property ensures that transactional changes to a database are preserved during unexpected operating system restarts?

A. durability
B. atomicity
C. consistency
D. isolation

Answer: A

Which database transaction property ensures that individual transactions are executed only once and either succeed in their entirety or roll back?

A. consistency
B. isolation
C. atomicity
D. durability

Answer: A

You manage an application that stores data in a shared folder on a Windows server.
You need to move the shared folder to Azure Storage. Which type of Azure Storage should you use?

A. table
B. queue
C. file
D. blob

Answer: C

You need to recommend a non-relational data store that is optimized for storing and retrieving text files, videos, audio streams, and virtual disk images. The data store must store data, some metadata, and a unique ID for each file. Which type of data store should you recommend?

A. columnar
B. key/value
C. document
D. object

Answer: D

You need to store event log data that is semi-structured and received as the logs occur. What should you use?

A. Azure Table storage
B. Azure Queue storage
C. Azure Files

Answer: A

What should you use to automatically delete blobs from Azure Blob Storage?

A. the change feed
B. a lifecycle management policy
C. soft delete
D. archive storage

Answer: D

What is a characteristic of a non-relational database?

A. full support for Transact-SGL
B. a fixed schema
C. self describing entities

Answer: C

You are building a retail kiosk system that will use a custom neural voice.
You acquire audio samples and consent from the voice talent.
You need to create a voice talent profile.
What should you upload to the profile?

A. a five-minute wav or mp3 file of the voce talent describing the kiosk system
B. a five-minute .flac audio file and the associated transcript as a w file
C. a .wav or mp3 file of the voice talent consenting to the creation of a synthetic version of their voice
D. a .zip file that contains 10-second .wav files and the associated transcripts as .txt files

Answer: B

You have an app named App1 that uses an Azure Cognitive Services model to identify anomalies in a time series data stream.
You need to run App1 in a location that has limited connectivity. The solution must minimize costs.
What should you use to host the model?

A. Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS)
B. a Kubernetes cluster hosted in an Azure Stack Hub integrated system
C. Azure Container instances
D. the Docker Engine

Answer: A

You plan create an index for an Azure Cognitive Search service by using the Azure portal. The Cognitive Search service will connect to an Azure SQL database.
The Azure SQL database contains a table named UserMessages. Each row in UserMessages has a field named MessageCopy that contains the text of social media messages sent by a user.
Users will perform full text searches against the MessageCopy field, and the values of the field will be shown to the users.
You need to configure the properties of the index for the MessageCopy field to support the solution.
Which attributes should you enable for the field?

A. Searchable arc Retrievable
B. Sortable and Retrievable
C. Searchable arc Facetable
D. Filterable and Retrievable

Answer: A

You have an Azure loT hub that receives series data from machinery. You need to build an app that will perform the following actions:
– Perform anomaly detection across multiple correlated sensors
– Identify the root cause of process stops.
– Send incident alerts
The solution must minimize development time. Which Azure service should you use?

A. Azure Metrics Advisor
B. Form Recognizer
C. Azure Machine teaming
D. Anomaly Detector

Answer: A

You build a language model by using Conversational Language Understanding. The language model is used to search for information on a contact list by using an intent named Findcontact. A conversational expert provides you with the following list of phrases to use for training:
– Find contacts in London.
– Who do I know in Seattle?
– Search for contacts in Ukraine.
You need to implement the phrase list in Conversational Language Understanding.
Solution: You create a new utterance for each phrase in the FindContact intent.
Does this meet the goal?

A. Yes
B. No

Answer: B

You develop a Conversational Language Undemanding model by using Language Studio During testing, users receive incorrect responses to requests that do NOT relate to the capabilities of the model.
You need to ensure that the model identifies spurious requests.
What should you do?

A. Enable active learning.
B. Add examples to the custom intents.
C. Add examples to the None intent
D. Add entities.

Answer: A

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