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Which is a minimum requirement when applying the business case theme?

A. To specify the solution to be used to deliver the business option selected
B. To ensure the corporate business plan is updated with the project costs and benefits
C. To define the management actions required to ensure the project’s outcomes are achieved
D. To integrate the benefits management approach with the project and stage plans

Answer: A

Which is a minimum requirement for applying the quality theme?

A. To define the project’s approach to quality control
B. To undertake independent audits of the project throughout the project
C. To apply the recommended quality review technique
D. To define the project’s approach to quality assurance

Answer: A

As a minimum requirement for applying the risk theme, what must specifically be assessed?

A. Whether a risk may cause the project to exceed its cost tolerance
B. Whether a risk may affect the project-level quality tolerances
C. Whether a risk may impact the underlying technical assumptions
D. Whether a risk may alter the project’s business justification

Answer: D

What is an advantage of applying the ‘learn from experience’ principle?

A. It allows the project board to delegate cost tolerances to the project manager
B. It allows the project team to fully understand their roles and responsibilities
C. It allows the project manager to delegate time tolerances to the team managers
D. It allows the project team to identify improvements to be made during the project

Answer: D

What is a goal of the ‘implement’ step within the recommended risk management procedure?

A. To prepare specific management responses to identified risks
B. To monitor the effectiveness of actioned risk responses
C. To estimate the risk to the project in terms of probability and impact
D. To communicate information related to the risks faced by the project

Answer: C

Identify the missing words in the following sentence.
Project assurance personnel [ ? ] the project manager.

A. are able to overturn the decisions of
B. must be accountable to
C. should support
D. report to the project board and

Answer: C

Which principle helps to ensure that all changes to the outputs are agreed?

A. Defined roles and responsibilities
B. Focus on products
C. Learn from experience
D. Manage by exception

Answer: A

Identify the missing word in the following sentence.
[ ? ] is the measurable decline resulting from a negative outcome.

A. An exception
B. A dis-benefit
C. An off-specification
D. A risk

Answer: B

How does PRINCE2 ensure that the specific management needs of an organization are met?

A. By incorporating tailoring
B. By mandating training
C. By focusing on viability
D. By representing best practice

Answer: D

What is an advantage of applying the ‘manage by stages’ principle?

A. The PRINCE2 method can be used for any type of project
B. The project delivers benefits that are aligned with strategic objectives
C. The project has decision points so that it does not run on in an uncontrolled manner
D. Tolerances can be defined for delegated authority

Answer: C

In which process is the work to be done assigned to a team manager?

A. Directing a project
B. Managing a stage boundary
C. Controlling a stage
D. Managing product delivery

Answer: C
Reference: http://prince2.wiki/Controlling_a_Stage

Which is a responsibility of the project board?

A. To manage the team managers and project support
B. To ensure production of the project’s outputs
C. To ensure effective communication with external stakeholders
D. To implement the change control approach

Answer: C
Reference: http://prince2.wiki/Organization#Project_Board

What should be recorded in a quality register?
1. Activities to ensure the products are fit for purpose
2. Identified threats and opportunities
3. Problems and concerns to be managed informally
4. Roles responsible for reviewing the project’s products

A. 1 and 2
B. 2 and 3
C. 3 and 4
D. 1 and 4

Answer: D

Which is a minimum requirement for applying the organization theme?

A. The project’s approach to engaging with its stakeholders must be defined
B. Roles must be combined to reduce the number of individuals needed on the project
C. During a procurement the senior supplier must be appointed from the customer organization
D. The project team must change at each end stage of the project life cycle

Answer: A

What is the minimum number of management stages required by PRINCE2?

A. Two stages: to initiate and to deliver the project
B. One stage: to cover the whole project
C. Three stages: to initiate, to deliver and to close the project
D. Four stages: to start, to initiate, to deliver and to close the project

Answer: A

Which statement about applying the ‘tailor to suit the project’ principle is CORRECT?

A. PRINCE2 can be tailored to be used with any type of project
B. A technically complex project should NOT tailor PRINCE2
C. The tailoring of PRINCE2 is MOST appropriate for agile projects
D. A project which is part of a programme should NOT tailor PRINCE2

Answer: A
Reference: http://prince2.wiki/Tailoring

Why is it necessary to apply the ‘defined roles and responsibilities’ principle?

A. Because the people involved in a project should know what is expected of them
B. Because the project management team should be cross-functional
C. Because the user and supplier interests should be involved on a need-to-know basis
D. Because the project manager should represent all the stakeholders of the project

Answer: A

According to the ‘continued business justification’ principle, when is a justifiable reason for a project FIRST needed?

A. After the executive has been appointed
B. When authorized by the corporate, programme management or the customer
C. Before work to start the project commences
D. When an organization produces its business plans

Answer: C
Reference: http://prince2.wiki/Continued_business_justification

What is the change authority role permitted to authorize?

A. Risks to the project
B. Adjustments to the limits on the change budget
C. Changes to stage tolerance
D. Changes to the project that do not exceed a defined budget

Answer: D

Which is a minimum requirement for applying the change theme?

A. To identify whether an issue affects the continuation of the project
B. To ensure each change is managed as an exception
C. To produce a breakdown of the products to be produced
D. To tailor all changes to improve the quality of the project

Answer: B

Identify the missing words in the following sentence.
The six aspects of project performance to be managed are [ ? ] costs, timescales and scope.

A. benefits, change, risk,
B. benefits, quality, risk,
C. change, quality, risk,
D. benefits, change, quality,

Answer: B
Reference: http://prince2.wiki/Introduction:_The_PRINCE2_Foundation_Training_Manual

Which is a purpose of the quality theme?

A. To check that the project is viable and achievable
B. To ensure that the project outputs are agreed
C. To ensure that formal issues are recorded
D. To enable the project to be managed according to plan

Answer: A

What should the benefits management approach define?

A. What actions will be taken to ensure the project’s outcomes are achieved
B. What will be used to record the effectiveness of the project’s approaches
C. How the project has progressed against its plans
D. The suitability of the project management team structure

Answer: C

Who is responsible for documenting any tailoring of the business case theme?

A. Executive
B. Business project assurance
C. Project manager
D. Corporate management

Answer: C

Identify the missing word(s) in the following sentence.
The ‘controlling a stage’ process is used to manage and control each [ ? ] of a project.

A. delivery step
B. benefit
C. delivery stage
D. team plan

Answer: C

What is documented in the project plan to support the ‘manage by exception’ principle?

A. The project’s tolerances for cost and time
B. A project product’s quality criteria
C. The expected project benefits
D. Activities to mitigate project risks

Answer: A

Which is an assumption about the PRINCE2 customer/supplier environment?

A. The supplier will pay for the project
B. The customer will provide the resources to deliver the products
C. The customer will specify the desired result
D. The supplier will tailor the project’s application of PRINCE2

Answer: C

Which is a purpose of the ‘directing a project’ process?

A. To create and authorize the project mandate
B. To ensure that work on products allocated to the team is authorized and agreed
C. To control the day-to-day running of the project
D. To delegate day-to-day management of the project to the project manager

Answer: D
Reference: https://www.prince2primer.com/directing-a-project-in-prince2/

Who are considered as the stakeholders in a project?

A. Only those benefitting the project
B. Everyone in the corporate organization
C. Everyone involved in or affected by the project
D. Only those who are users of the products

Answer: C

What is the result of the change derived from using the project’s product?

A. Benefit
B. Dis-benefit
C. Outcome
D. Output

Answer: C

According to the `continued business justification’ principle, what should happen to the funds when a project can no longer be justified?

A. They should be returned to corporate, programme management or customer
B. They should be used to create an alternative business case for the project
C. They should be transferred back to the project board to reassign
D. They should be used to deliver a reduction in the scope of the project

Answer: A

How are team managers involved in tailoring PRINCE2 suit the project?

A. Team managers are accountable for the tailoring of the work packages
B. Team managers may advice on tailoring to improve the management of work packages
C. Team managers should not be involved in tailoring PRINCE2
D. Team managers should document the tailoring of the work packages

Answer: B

How does the `managing product delivery’ process ensure that the team manager’s perspective is provided in a work package?

A. The work packages are defined by the team manager and supported by a team plan
B. the work packages provided by the project manager are agreed by the team manager
C. The team plans are checked by project assurance against the work packages
D. The stage plan covering the work packages is created with input from the team manager

Answer: B

What must be produced to meet the minimum requirements when applying the change theme?

A. A change budget for the analysis of change
B. Records of the decisions made on all issues
C. Documents recording the version of each product
D. Status reports on all products being produced

Answer: B

Which are reasons for a benefits management approach?
1. To state how improvements will be measured
2. To confirm that the benefits are realized
3. To estimate the costs of improvement
4. To define the reason for delivering the improvement

A. 1 and 2
B. 2 and 3
C. 3 and 4
D. 1 and 4

Answer: AB

Which is a purpose of the quality theme?

A. To establish how the project will ensure that all products created meet their requirements
B. To establish baselines against which any changes to products can be assessed
C. To identify all the products of the project to ensure the scope has been adequately defined
D. To determine the communication needs of the organization’s quality assurance function

Answer: A

Which statement about project roles is CORRECT?

A. The project organization must be defined using the roles and responsibilities in PRINCE2
B. The project team structure defined in PRINCE2 must be used, but other roles may be added
C. The project board roles defined in PRINCE2 must be used, but other roles can be defined as required
D. Any role can be defined as required the responsibilities defined in PRINCE2 are fulfilled

Answer: C

How does applying the `focus on products’ principle help to ensure that stakeholder expectations are met?

A. By providing a common understanding of the products required
B. By providing the tolerances for the project manager’s objectives
C. By providing roles descriptions for the project management team
D. By providing the justification for the project

Answer: A

What must be done for a project to be a PRINCE2 project?

A. The project must form part of a programme or portfolio
B. The project must meet the minimum requirements for applying the themes
C. The project must use the recommended approach to planning
D. The project roles must be combined wherever possible

Answer: A

Which is a benefit of applying the `tailor to suit the project’ principle?

A. Project management becomes less bureaucratic
B. The capability of leadership is strengthened
C. The project environment complexity is reduced
D. The number of outputs is reduced

Answer: C

Identify the missing word in the following sentence relating to one of the principles:
A PRINCE2 project should have [?] defined for each project objective.

A. themes
B. principles
C. processes
D. tolerances

Answer: D

What does the communication management approach define?
1. How versions of products will be described on information sent to interested parties
2. How information should be sent to interested parties
3. How often information should be sent to interested parties
4. How the PRINCE2 roles will be combined during the project

A. 1 and 2
B. 2 and 3
C. 3 and 4
D. 1 and 4

Answer: B

What is an advantage of dividing the project into stages?

A. Detailed plans can be prepared closer to the time events will take place
B. the project board can delegate management of the project to team managers
C. The project can be authorized by the project manager on a stage by stage basis
D. The project brief can be updated towards the end of each stage

Answer: A

Which is a benefit of using PRINCE2?

A. It promotes consistency of project work and the ability to reuse project assets.
B. It includes techniques for critical path analysis and earned value analysis
C. It enables a project manager to be accountable for the success of a project
D. It prevents any changes once the scope of a project has been agreed

Answer: A

How does the `managing product delivery’ process achieve its purpose?

A. By agreeing requirements for how project work should be undertaken
B. By producing highlight reports to enable the project board to oversee the work
C. By requiring the project manager to produce and monitor team plans
D. By escalating issues and risks that cannot be resolved within stage tolerance

Answer: A

Which statement is CORRECT about the customer and suppliers of a project in a commercial environment?

A. Each party may have their own business case for undertaking the project
B. Both parties must apply the same external governance to the project
C. The risk appetite should be collaboratively set before the project starts
D. Management systems need to be unified for successful project delivery

Answer: A

During the `initiating a project’ process, who specifies the required level of management control?

A. Corporate, programme management or customer
B. Project board
C. Project manager
D. Project assurance

Answer: B

Where can people who join a project after initiation quickly and easily find information about how the project is being managed?

A. Project brief
B. Project initiation documentation
C. Project mandate
D. Project product description

Answer: B

Identify the missing words in the following sentence. PRINCE2 requires that the business case is formally verified by [?] at stage boundaries.

A. corporate, programme management or the customer
B. the project board
C. the project manager
D. the change authority

Answer: B

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